Marietta Mouse

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Marietta Mondschein

makes dolls and teddy bears

She owns a toy shop where she sells her own designs, as well as toys made by other artists. She is madly in love with Claude Mousse
She loves to travel and to visit museums.

Favourite food: Rhubarb crumble
Favourite drink: Champagne
Coffee or tea: Earl Grey please.
Favourite word: tactile
Favourite place: Her sewing room

Marietta Mondschein - a mouse tourist in Ettal Marietta Mondschein - a hand sewn mouse made of alplaka Mark in medieval costume Marietta enjoying disco dancing at a party Marietta outside her toyshop, holding handsewn teddy bears. The shop is 1/12 scale. Marietta with Claude at Lago die Garda Some of the bears in Marietta's toy shop