Mouse art

Every year the mice exhibit their art, from historic to contemporary...

Many of the mice are keen amateur artists. You may notice some similarties between mouse art and some famous works produced by humans working in the same field...

Painting a still life
Self portrait and Dandelions
Self portrait
Chatting to a visitor to the mouse art exhibition

Vincent van Muisen

Miranda mouse painting her friend Maruska Myshka from life

Life painting

Mouse art - swimming pool inspired by Hockney
Mouse art - Mr and Mrs Mouse - inspired by Hockney
Mr and Mrs Mouse

A bit like Hockney

Mouse field - inspired by Antony Gormley

Mouse field

Mouse looking at painting inspired by Hans Memling
close up of "Mouse holding a roman coin"
After Hans Holbein - "Jane Seymour Mouse"
Medieval Mouse in a veil
Mona Lisa - as a mouse
Lilly taking a selfie in front of the Mona Lisa

Early Art

Frida Kahlo mouse at her exhibition
Self portrait
Self portrait

Frida Kahlo (mouse)

Billy White the sculptor, working in his studio


Inspired by Magritte - Exhibition
After Magritte
After Magritte

Magritte Mouse

Inspired by Brit-Art icon Damien Hirst - Glitter skull (for the love of god) and "Spots" painting
Inspired by Damien Hirst - Shark (aka The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living)

Damien Mouse Hirst

After Matisse - collage
After Matisse - collage

Matisse Mouse

Max Mouse Beckmann - self portrait

Mouse Beckmann

Paintings by the mouse Picasso

Picasso Mouse

Miranda painting Claude’s portrait


Mouse with a pearl earring

Vermeer Mouse