The shops

Take a look at the shops on the high street
Exterior of Marietta Mondschein's toyshop
Marietta in her toyshop with automata
Bears in Marietta's toyshop
Bears and bunnies
Merlin meets some bears
Marietta holding miniature teddy bears


Mousse au Chocolat - Claude Mousse's chocolate shop
Claude Mousse's chocolate shop interior

Chocolate Shop

Exterior of Goldsmith shop
Mark Mauscenti in his jewellery workshop
Mouse trying on necklace

Goldsmith shop

Book shop
Andy chats to the bookshop owner


Shoeshop interior
Margot out shopping
Close up of miniature shoes
Delivery at the shoe shop
Close up of the parcels
Shoe shop exterior
Victoria considers some leopard print shoes

Shoe shop

Outside the bakery
Always good to have a pretzel when you're hungry