Claude Hamish Mousse

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Claude Hamish Mousse

chocolatier and traveller

Claude was born to a french father and scottish mother thus damning him to a lifetime of mispronunciation. He makes and sells chocolates in his famous (in Mouse.Land at least) shop Mousse au Chocolat. He is romantically entangled with Marietta Mondschein, the mouse who owns the toyshop next to his chocolaterie.

Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite drink: Red wine
Coffee or tea? Espresso, or mocca
Favourite word: Smooth
Favourite place: Venice

Claude the mohair mouse outside his dolls house chocolate shop Claude and Marietta the mohair mouse dolls enjoying breakfast in Tuscany Mohair mouse dolls admiring nature in Tuscany Claude the mohair mouse behind the counter of his dollhouse chocolate shop Claude and Louise, the mohair mice at the Ammersee Claude the mohair mouse doll on holiday in Florence Claude and Marietta the mohair mice on holiday in Budapest. Claude and Marietta the mohair mice in the New York Cafe in Budapest.